On 6 October 1899, the president of the republic, General Don Porfirio Díaz decree that farms should pay tax according to tax rateable value. The house belonged to the 12th. Canton, in the quarter 1, apple third street Mariano Abasolo. It had 1523 meters square of land and had 7 pieces.

On 23 March 1900, the review board estimated at $ 600.00 (six hundred pesos), the value of the property being owner since 1895 and Mrs. Don Manuel Flores Jesus Flores Jimenez by buying they did to Mr. Antonio Jimenez.

On June 7 1926 Don Juan bought the property Zermeño (former mayor of Tequila) to the heirs of Manuel Flores.

On November 13 1933 Antonio Ferrari purchase of French descent, who was the granting of logging for the manufacture of sleepers for the expansion of the Pacific Railway.


On August 24 1936 purchase Don Manuel Medina Rojas.


On May 26, 1940 Don Abundio García Palafox purchase.
On June 30, 1942 buy Don Manuel Gonzalez Oliva, merchant of fruits, grains and cereals.


On 15 January 1970 by the award of property was taken over by Doña Agustina Gonzalez Alvarado widow of Manuel Gonzalez.


On 14 April 1980 purchased the estate probate Don Emilio González González.


On July 1, 1980, Dr. Carlos Alberto Rosas Gonzalez and people buy the estate is opened as a hospital and sell 2 / 3 of land, reducing the estate.


On 25 May 1982, the Crown Mr. Viliulfo Gomez bought the house to dedicate as a home room and photographic studio.


On March 25, 2001 purchased the farm's current owners, who restored and give the name of Casa Dulce María opening it to the public as a hotel since August 2005.